Monday, September 20, 2021

Summer Fun and Travels with Raindrop

 A primary reason we bought Raindrop was to enable [pandemic] safe travel to visit family and friends in Pittsburgh. By dragging our own bathroom, bedroom and kitchen along behind us we need not even enter a building while on the road. On May 20 we left Home and spent our first night RoVing in more than two years:

The next afternoon we set up camp in Shannon's driveway in the South Hills. Kinky Friedman calls visitors "house pests" in his books and it was/is wonderful to visit everyone without being in anyone's hair.

We had Dinner on Carole&Mike's deck and discussed backyard bunnies.

We learned first-hand that the playground at Boyce Park is a wonderful venue for Violet:

{Gramma and Dad looking on}

We helped Andrei and Violet plant a garden:

Then it was off to the Dear Old Woods:

Where we were greeted by David and Marci's Greyhounds:


We visited the Monument:

And entertained ourselves with a bit of tilting at windmills:

Then we zoomed back to the Beautiful Berkshires to plant our garden:

On July Fourth we had our first [non-Zoom] in-person church service since the beginning of the pandemic:

Dave and Steve setting up Zoom

for folks uncomfortable/unable to attend.

While Jan was off at Cape Cod Lew and Buffy faced this one day:

Smoke from the massive wildfires in the West and Canada made it difficult to breathe and the Taconic Mts were barely visible.

On August 5 we drove to Hickory Run SP and set up. Trista and Violet met us there and ....... we had S'Mores! Lew and Buffy hung out by the campfire until it burnt out:

Violet returned home with us:

With Degas's Little dancer.

On top of Mt Greylock.

In Gramma's lair with her Great Aunt Jenny's miniatures.

Examining fungus-amungus.

On the 11th we drove Violet home to Pittsburgh. While there we had a picnic supper on Shannon's lovely patio. On the 13th we returned home with Andrei:

With Degas's Little Dancer.

At MASS MOCA. Andrei returned there 
the next day and spent most of the day.

While shucking corn Nate is
pointing out the porch-Robin's nest.

On the 21st Jan and Andrei drove and met Trista at Seneca Falls:

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