Sunday, August 03, 2014

Pa Travels

July 27
 Cordelia needed a vacation so we loaded up and took off for Ohiopyle State Park.

Camp Johns @ Ohiopyle SP

After setting up camp we headed off to Laurel Caverns on the mountaintop East of Uniontown.

She is ready to go down into
the Center of the Earth

This cavern follows the fairly steep dip of the limestone formation in which it is situated.

Down she goes.

Monday morning we headed for Falling Water, the famous Frank Loyd Wright house cantilevered over the creek beneath it.

Falling Water

The Living Room and the deck
above are cantilevered
over the creek.
The stairway connects the
living room to the natural

The swimming pool is
spring fed.
Mrs Kaufman used it daily.

An excellent day!

Cordelia’s interests are eclectic and Tuesday we roared off to Gettysburg battlefield. Little Round Top was the site of a bloody little sub-battle and several monuments to that effect have been erected there. We took a PIC of Adam and Amy here in 1983.

1983 looking out.

Looking in in 2014.
same location
in 2014.

Cordelia specifically wanted to stand where Abraham Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address, wherewith he reaffirmed that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Gettysburg is a sad place. All those men, more than a few brother-against-brother, died working to establish that this would be one Nation without slavery. So onward to another venue.

Pennsylvania is/was the home of Anthracite Coal mining and there is a wonderful working museum (Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine) in Ashland, Pa. Off we went.

Mine locomotive

Into the Mountain we go.

1800 ft in and 500 ft under.

Ready to go to work.

Then it was off to Knoebel’s Park.

Camp with the big
Wood Coaster in
the background.

This is one of the newest wood
coasters in the World.

Cordelia trying to catch
a ring on the Carousel.

Cordelia rode this awful thing
about five times in a row.

Then it was back home we went. 800 miles and we arrived home on Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Mexico

This has been a summer full of changes. Most of the summer our internet speed has been so slow we could not upload pictures.  I'm going to use this as an intro to a number of posts.

Part V: New Mexico

Wade is 102.
He is blind and can walk maybe 100ft but looks good for his age and thinks pretty well too. Within his limitations he is competent.

At their place in Silver City everyone is kinda dependent, one on another.   That includes the horse and goat.  George puts them out each day and they stay together.

 The century plant in bloom had a bird that hung around it.

While in the area we went to Dana's (John's companion) house.  We saw a very strange desert sight!  A pond that Dana had made.
Sue is taking the pic, Jan in the orange, Dana, Oran, George Polly.  Lew and Chris are hiding beside me.
We looked over her house including the recently added high porch.  Since Dana made it the ladies decided to line up and show it off.
Dana, Sue, Polly, Jan, Chris (Clifford's wife)

When Sue told us that for various reasons she could no longer be Wade's right hand, we agreed and went off seeking a new companion for him.  We hope it was found with the services of Angelwings.  A caregiver will start arriving daily at Quail Ridge for Wade.  Since we all need others, I'm hopeful that Quail Ridge will continue to be home for all the critters.  Change happens even for someone who is 102, like it or not. Whether it’s on ones’s radar or not.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Traveling to New Mexico

This has been a summer full of changes. Most of the summer our internet speed has been so slow we could not upload pictures.  I'm going to use this as an intro to a number of posts.

Part IV:  Traveling to New Mexico

The road through Salt Lake City was worse.  The changes made to get it ready for the Olympics really caused a huge expansion of the area.  The traffic was very nerve-racking.  But we made it to Provo July 1 and Moab July 2. Moab was wonderful with the rarely changing rock.

You can tell the temperatures of Yellowstone are in the past. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yellowstone Parties

This has been a summer full of changes. Most of the summer our internet speed has been so slow we could not upload pictures.  I'm going to use this as an intro to a number of posts.

June 28-29

Part III:   Picnics and Gatherings

 Mary Beth Schwatz had planned a party to celebrate the birthday of George Marler, a great naturalist and geologist in Yellowstone's past.  We drove in to the Lower Ham Store.  Of course, the sky looked like rain and many folk were out at Grand.  We decided to have lunch instead and soon friends started to appear. The waiter started with four people, it grew to eight and then as we were talking about missing the Hoppe's and the Goldbergs, who should appear but Roz.  The poor waiter just kept adding the slips to the cook!

 Grand finally went (two bursts!) and it was time for desert and a birthday cheer to George!
It was so great to see our old friends.  We had such a magical time meeting year after year as our kids grew.  Its actually harder now to make arrangements to meet.  Jan and Udo now live in West Yellowstone and Mary Beth has her West Yellowstone place.  The trip for us seems longer and harder each time we make it.  But my, do we like our Yellowstone friends. 

Our gazer friend, Bob Berger died this past winter.  Death does bring changes.  We decided to make a celebration of his life at Yellowstone with a Berger-style picnic. We had announced it to various friends and planned it for the Sunday, the 29th.  While we were certainly missing several people, it was so nice to have a good day to sit and talk and share the past and the present with each other.

The picnic ended with a great eruption of Beehive!

And what do old Geyser Gazer Friends do at the end of a picnic?  Why go look at geysers of course!

Then it was time to go to New Mexico…Bye, bye Yellowstone

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cynthia, Island Park and Yellowstone

This has been a summer full of changes. Most of the summer our internet speed has been so slow we could not upload pictures.  I'm going to use this as an intro to a number of posts.

June 21-June 28

Part II:  Cynthia, Island Park and Yellowstone

June 21 and 22
After my friends went back to PA, we made our way to our friends' house in Livingston.  Mike got a promotion to General Manager of Crater Lake so they are in the process of selling their house and moving to Oregon.  We helped with the landscaping of the front lawn and I provided various forms of entertainment for Alex and Megan.  This included making sugar and snickerdoodle cookies using a wine bottle as a rolling pin and various household items as cutters for the cookies.  We had a great time leaving Cynthia free to work outside on the various weeds.

Of course, the girls and I discussed Minecraft and I showed them mine.

I'm not happy over the change in Mike's status because it means they won't be in Yellowstone for us to visit.
While I had the computer out, Cynthia suggested I check for the Shakespeare in the Park schedule. was As You Like It at Bozeman.  That was a no-brainer and off we went to see it.  Probably our last one together...

June 23 and 24
This was another change.  We sold our land in Island Park. This proceeded via email and phone for the weeks right before we arrived.  We needed to get back to Baker's Hole Campground at West Yellowstone so that we could drive to the closing on the 24th.. My dream wasn't going to happen and it was time to let it go.  Bye to Island Park.
June 25-28
  We did all kinds of Yellowstone stuff during these days.  We biked to Lone Star and to Riverside.  We saw a beautiful Great Fountain.

We also went off to Virginia and Nevada City where other changes had made many of the artifacts no longer available for viewing.  The schoolhouse was still open.

This summer of change hasn't been easy for Lew and I but for me Yellowstone and the geysers will always get a top billing regardless of the changes that geysers do!