Monday, May 15, 2017


Buffy flying
down a Jeep trail in Death Valley.

Saturday, February 04, 2017


Visiting Relatives also means visiting relative's pets!  Johnny and Buffy got along great.

 Dogs and cats have always had an
affinity for Fred.

We drove out to the Salt River and took a walk.
The rock at Blue Point on the Salt River
East of Mesa.
That is a 50ft deep whirlpool.

 Jan contemplating her misspent youth,
except that we both remember our time
living in  a tent just across the river
there with joy.

 We lived under the Mesquite tree
in the center of the pic.

 Look at the green grass on
the desert floor.
Rain did that.

 Jesse James Johns with his son Indiana.
Forgive Jesse’s appearance as his fever was 102.

 Ann and Granddaughters.

On our way west from Phoenix we met
cousin Ann and her husband Ron.

Deming to Phoenix

 Click twice to embiggen and see there are 2 dogs
on Lew’s lap.

A couple of [Yankee]
Desert Rats.

LOW (Loners On Wheels) Park
in Deming, NM.
This is a Park lovingly kept.
Owned by the club .
The gravel may seem  bit stark
to easterners but it is wonderful
as there are
NO Goatherds to pierce
canine paws.

 Rockhound SP
Not your usual Desert day

 Butterfield Stage station
at Apache Pass.

 Looking North from
the ridge above Fort Bowie.
The Fort behind the photographer.

 This is what Sonoran Desert
looks like when not
overgrazed to death.

Ruins of the Jeffords
Indian Agency.

 The ruins of Fort Bowie, Az

A geologic fault.
The light rock to the left is Limestone.
The pink rock to the right is Granite.

 Thunder and lightning over those mountains.
Rain also, too.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Picacho Peak SP, Az
I10 and
the Southern Pacific RR Mainline
out there.


Traveling West from Jim’s.

As in 2012 we made sure to be on the first
elevator down into Carlsbad Cavern.

One other couple went down with us
so it was dead silent....
except for the sound of water drops

800ft below the desert floor...

A magical place hidden away
from the daylight World above.

 Coming off the Sacramento Mts West of Cloudcroft,
White sands out there in the valley.

Dog Canyon, Oliver Lee SP 

That is the Campground
away down there.

 White Sands


A new adventure. Lew and Jan and Buffy are gonna escape Winter for awhile and see if they can alllll the way to Palm Desert in Southern Cali.

Camp Shannon in Canonsburg, Pa.
Shannon graciously offered us a piece
of her driveway and an electric plug
for our sojourn in the Pittsburgh area.
Thanks, Shannon!

My Girls relaxing and watching
a chef-cookoff show.

Adam working on his signature dish.

Christmas morning!


Hot Springs National Park,
Hot Springs, Ar.

This is what happens to natural wonders
when businessmen decide
what should be
public policy issues.

Trump has appointed haters of the Natural World
to Interior, Agriculture and EPA.
This is the kind of World we can look forward to.

Fanciest Natonal Park CG
we’ve seen.

The utilities interface is
a direct copy of Ft Wilderness
(at Disney World).
Well done.

Rail Barons!