Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Devil's Tower to Cody

Ms. Dolphin watched people climbing Devil's Tower while her people walk around Devil's Tower. It was a nice walk. If you would like more information on Devil's Tower you can click on this link. Ms. Dolphin agreed with her team that a new road was in order for the day. She thought that going over the Bighorn Mountains using Alt14 would be a fun adventure. We all enjoyed the spectacular views going down the 10-13% grade switchbacks at 20 miles an hour. After about 8 miles, Ms. Dolphin's brakes started to fail and Lew pulled off the road and they made a lovely supper while my brake fluid stopped boiling. It was a hot, scary trip to the bottom. All of us agree to never go over 13% grade for more than a mile. Cody was a good place to stop for the night and exercise.


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Jan & Lew,

    What a great way to share your vacation. I am living it with you! We'll have to try the hiking in the Badlands sometime.

    Pat Hoppe

  2. Toni the Tech9:33 PM

    I have been to so many of these places and am enjoying the terrific photos, as well as the diary of your adventures. Thank you for sharing!
    And did you check out the wonderful sites of Cody? The museum?


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