Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Down to Deadwood, Down to Mystic

July 9
Ms. Dolphin asked for different roads (no dirt) for trail riding today. Everyone so enjoyed the ride that it was decided to return to Dumont and bike to Deadwood today. Luckily for Ms. Dolphin, Deadwood is a big enough town that the male humans were able to find it. So all five bikes, two rv’s, four people and a little cat traveled to Deadwood where one rv was left with one bike and everyone else went back to Dumont for a ride to Deadwood. The Homestake Mine could be seen from the ridge that you ride on this section of the trail.
You can also see the mine from the bottom of the hill.
WHEEE it was a GREAT downhill ride. Jan made Lew go first (he had a speedometer) so that we wouldn’t go over 20 miles an hour. What great fun and it ended with a lunch at a buffet at Deadwood. Then Donna, Jim and my friend (the Gulfstream) had to leave and we went to a KOA in Deadwood that had a shuttle service to town.
That night the humans left Katz with me and took the shuttle to Deadwood and looked at the old buildings and Jan won nickels at a slot machine which Lew promptly lost.
July 8
Ms. Dolphin is getting very crowded inside. She now has a bike that has to travel inside as well as two bikes that travel on the bike rack. Jan got a new bike. She was very sore after riding at Amy’s house, so when she went with Jim, Donna and Lew to a bike shop, she tried a “comfort” bike. She decided it would be best for the trail riding. So first thing Saturday Morning she got a new bike. Now to the trail. You can see all the information about the trail at this website:
All of the humans decided that riding always downhill was a good idea. So we would all drive to Mystic and drop off my friend then I (Ms. Dolphin ) would go to the Dumont trailhead and everyone would bike downhill the 20 miles. Ms. Dolphin was not happy with the male navigating team who could not find the right signs. One hour of dirt road and everything was covered with dust and then we ended back in Hill City and took another paved road and finally arrived when all four bikes (the Trek bike stayed at the campground) and the humans unloaded and got ready for a great ride.
Ms. Dolphin kept Katz safe and happy while the humans spent hours biking the trail and having a picnic lunch. Each trailhead has a water well, outhouse and picnic shelter. It costs a cheap $2.00 a day to use the trail. Tunnels, bridges, mountains and waterfalls were very happily viewed.
July 7
Ms. Dolphin left a great campground but arrived to stay in another wonderful campground. It isn’t even a campground but a resort! Wow! Its a great place. It is right on the George S. Mickelson Trail. My people wanted to bike instead of drive and this campground is on the trail but off the road. It is very nice (5 stars) and has its own web site. http://www.rafterj.com/
Ms. Dolphin watched as the camper next door was folded all up so that Donna and Jim could bring Ms. Dolphin her very own friend. A 20 foot diesel gulfstream. She wishes she could get 21 mpg, too.
Ms. Dolphin rested today with Jan who simply played Internet games and foot rested with only a water aerobics routine for exercise today. Lew worked on bits and pieces of my various parts and attachments.

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  1. I understand it's been a long time since this was published, but it's still timely, with one exception: the web address for the Mickelson Trail is no longer valid. Try http://www.BikeMickelson.com for Mickelson Trail info and trip planning tools.


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