Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 3

Ms. Dolphin has announced that "Its Cordelia's DAY". Very Early in the morning, Ms. Dolphin moved to the cabin parking. Grandma went to the cabin and waited for Cordelia to wake-up. Ms. Dolphin provided Cordelia with a fine breakfast, then through the window Cordelia saw the playground with children and announced that was the first thing she wanted to do. Grandma went with her in her sandals.....after a while Grandpa showed up with spring shoes....An hour later...chairs were provided at the playground. What a grand Cordelia day! Cordelia spotted the minature golf course that was beside the playground. Since is was a Cordelia decides day, she decided to play golf. Of course some of the time was spent trying to find where the golf ball was..... Grandpa cooked a fine lunch of mac and cheese and then it was off to the swimming pool. After two hours of swimming, Ms. Dolphin was a grand place to get warm and rest. Cordelia actually slept about 20 minutes, she told Grandma that the geysers "worn her out". Then back to the playground until Mommy and Daddy arrived with pizza! Ms. Dolphin took a trip out to the land so Trista and Cordelia could see the land. It was raining so we couldn't go out and walk around. But both agreed that it was lovely place to build a cabin.

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