Friday, June 15, 2007

On The Road Again!--June 15

11:30 AM: Ms Dolphin patiently waited after bringing Jan's inhaler to PTMS .

This was necessary since Construction Men had begun to disassemble the Library stirring some no doubt Ancient Dust.

1:00PM: Fortuitously our Departure coincided with a rare event, an East Wind. So Ms Dolphin caught a Tailwind out of Pennsylvania and asked the Humanoids (Cats don't care) if they wanted perhaps 17mpg or maybe instead some SPEED...Jan decided and we Flew Before the Wind.

Still averaged 14.5mpg...Not bad for a soon-to-be-classic-auto which provides all the necessities including the Kitchen Sink ,Beds and a Potty, Eh??

7:00Pm So we arrived at our interim destination of the day (there is no other kind, right?) and Ms Dolphin had to examine and approve of the Exercise Facility. Though KOA in this case certainly meant Keep On Adding ($50!-"It's a Race Weekend"-Grin, Grin) it was decided to stay anyway.

Which was followed by, Yup, Water Aerobics!

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