Sunday, June 24, 2007

Resting at Buffalo

After listening to her Humanoids Moaning and Groaning all night about Sore body parts, Ms Dolphin ordered a day of rest...But first there was just this one little Bike Path which Jan had discovered the existence of. It starts at the Buffalo,WY town park and heads straight for the Bighorns to the West. So Jan and Lew had to sample it.

Yup, that is the Bighorn Mountains, alright.

This Bike Path has some different-than-usual users.

The Path runs along beside this beautiful Creek.

Then there was this 1925 Carousel to inspect. Here Ms Dolphin is giving it a close look. Lew and Jan were interested to note how bland and without Character the fiberglass replica Horses seemed. Hmmm, what is this, a bit of Carousel Snobbery??

Take a close look at the horses and see if you agree. Hmmm??

This is a Pic of a more rigorously restored Carousel (utilizing the original Carved Wooden Horses) housed and maintained at Knoebel's Park in Penn's Woods.

11:00AM: So the day of rest, relaxation, and recuperation was finally able to begin. Here Ms Dolphin is snuggled under some lovely shade trees at Deer Park Campground. The Humanoids are sampling the Pool and Hot-tub.

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