Monday, July 30, 2007

Giant Again!

Friday: 4:35PM

Grotto was I.E.

Variable Spring was nearly empty.

Marathon Pool was down.

Hmmm...We are approaching 4 days since the last Giant Eruption and here is Grotto in what is shaping up to be a Long Marathon. Is it possible???

Grotto finally shut down around 8:00Pm after about a 28hr Eruption. This is starting to get interesting...If the Recovery Hot Period holds off until early morning, that would be over 4 days since the last Giant. And recently it had a 4 day 7Hr interval!

Saturday 5:15Am: After leaving the Radio on all night, we were awakened by Tara Cross reporting "For those of you interested, there has still not been a recovery Hot Period".

So, it is off to Giant! Here is the scene at 6:48Am.

At 7:35Am, Water is Rising in Mastiff...And Feather is starting. Giant Hot Period!

At 7:44Am, Mastiff to 6ft!

7:45Am, Mastiff is now in Full Eruption!

7:47Am, Giant Starting!!!

Giant in Full Eruption!

8:10Am, Trista and Cordelia arrive to see their first Giant!

Giant Rain

Rainbow from Giant's Rain.

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