Monday, June 16, 2008

Lighthouse and Lake

Since arriving here yesterday at Northport
we have been trying
to get to the water of Lake Michigan.

But this Green Slime is everywhere.

This morning we finally got to the Shore!
Six years ago Jan would have been
Chest Deep.
(The Lake was 4Ft higher then).

See the water in the Foreground?
This is the present day Shoreline
of Lake Michigan.
See the tiny Blue Dot in the background?
That is Jan sitting on
the Shoreline of
just six years ago.

The Old Lighthouse here served
for a little over 100Yrs.
It has been replaced by the
Automated Contraption
in the background.

This is how the Keeper got to
the Light
(for maintenance purposes).

A fourth order Fresnel Lens like this
served to warn the Lakeboats
that Lew's Brother-in-Law
George Burfiend
watched passing by
as a kid from his front yard
a few miles down the Lake.

Lakeboats such as this one....

On another Subject.

Lew had been fussing about Ms Dolphin's
Poop Pump since noticing that it was
running Slow and Noisy....
Today he disassembled the Thing.

The two semi circular things are
Field Magnets
which need to be bonded to
the inside of the
Motor Housing.

No repairing this.
Traverse City,Mi has a West Marine Store.
They had a new unit summarily purchased.

Here is Ms Dolphin's new Macerator Pump
ready to perform Yeoman Duty.

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