Saturday, June 14, 2008

Of Butterflies and Fish

This morning it was time for a Bike ride.
Jan got Hot.

We happened upon a Public Access to
the Platte River.
So Jan put her Toes in....

But she wasn't the only Creature in this water.

They were all headed Downstream....
Fish going to Work???
(1/4Mi to Lake Michigan)

But Jan and Fish weren't the only
Creatures here.

Then we came to
the End of the Line.
(Lake Michigan)

This is how the Platte River
(everything in Michigan is a River)
empties into Lake Michigan.

11.5Mi of Biking today required
a nice Dinner.

Proof that Bread isn't the only thing
on the Menu.
Asparagus is in season here!

As an Addendum: The Platte River CG is very nice. 30A power for $13/night (Golden Age/Access).
Large campsites, each well separated from the next.
5.5Mi round trip Bike to the Lake.

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