Saturday, June 28, 2008

Water Aerobics

Jan and Lew were sore after Biking 15Mi/Day, Walking 2Mi/Day
and more recently Tubing who-knows-how-far.
Just as well it was time to start South.
Back at Seven Lakes Jan really wanted some low impact exercise.

Jan doing her Water Aerobics Routine.
She uses a waterproofed "ipod" sort
of Contraption to set her
routine to Music.

All that exercise caused Jan to become very hungry.
Knowing that Ms Dolphin had the Possibles
safely tucked in her refrigerator,
She thought about Strawberry Shortcake with Fresh
Michigan Strawberries....

But wait....
That Fat Cat Lew did nothing
(but take a PIC)
and he still gets
Strawberry Shortcake??


  1. How cold is that water? I'm up here at Lake Superior where that water never gets above 46 or so. Brrrrr....

  2. Dianna, had we known you were heading for Lake Superior we might have as well (from Mackinac City). We would like to meet you. Are you heading further East?

    The water in this little Lake (a few miles from Flint,Mi) is warm. I even got in it (Lew).



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