Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lake Erie

Before Jan's Mom and Dad had kids they had Time.... to help build this Cottage on Lake Erie (Westfield,NY). Jan and her five Siblings came here as Kids many times. After Jan and Lew married they came here as well. The Cottage was sold many years ago.
It is for sale so Jan wanted to look the old Place over.
Her Uncle built this Fireplace which was the only source of Heat (Summerhome).
In that day "neighborhood Association" had a simpler meaning than now. Instead of fussing about Appearances and what people might be permitted to park in their driveways.... the Forest Park Association built this Pavilion where to this Day Bingo is played on Saturday night as Jan remembers doing many years ago.
The shared Beach. Do you think Jan is Listening for Echoes of happy Childhood Voices? I do.
This is the current view from Ms Dolphin's Living Room Window. BTW, this Lake Erie SP beach is closed because the Water is unsafe to be immersed in. An enduring Legacy of the Rapine practiced by we Americans against this Lake for hundreds of years.

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