Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Card Time!

Yup, its that Time of Year again and one of Jan and Lew's Favorite Things is sending and receiving Christmas Cards. For several years we have done something in Machine Embroidery for our Cards. Click on any PIC to Enlarge it.
Jan saw a Christmas Card with a Cat on a Bookshelf and she found a Machine Embroidery Pattern for a Free Standing Lace Bookmark. Yup, that'll do it. Inside will be a PIC of Adam and his Book.
Our new Machine at Work stitching Bookmarks to go with this year's Book theme Cards.
They are being stitched on "melt-away" stabilizer. Soaking in Water dissolves the white cloth-like stuff....
And what remains is Free Standing Lace. This year's Bookmark on the Right.
Unfortunately we ran out of Blue Embroidery Thread, Printer Ink and Time before we had done a Card and Bookmark for everyone so some folks are receiving the Card without Bookmark and PICs.


  1. Just beautiful! I especially like the one on the left. Your relatives are really lucky!

  2. Thanks, Diana. We have Fun with this stuff....'Tiz the Season. Grandma and Cordelia are having fun with a secret sewing Project for her Mommy. Aunt Amy gets to put in the Zipper 'cause "Grandma, Aunt Amy is a better Sew-er than you are".


  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

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  4. Hmm. So "anonymous" left a comment that we were in violation of Copyright Fair Use in copying a Card and mailing it to Friends and Family. We bought 54 (3 boxes of 18) of the Card in question. Because of the inferior quality of the Paper used by the manufacturer we were unable to add our Personal Info to each Card. So we produced 54 copies of the Card with our added Personal Info (two PICs inside) and mailed them to our Friends and Famiy. We Destroyed ALL 54 OF THE ORIGINAL CARDS. We deem this to be within Fair Use. If "anonymous" disagrees perhaps "anonymous" cares to Identify itself as an Actual Person so that we might answer Directly.



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