Friday, June 18, 2010

Here we go again

We are all ready to go. School is over and the adventures begin. Last year we lost our luggage so we decided to do carry-on only. Not a lot of luggage for four women.

First stop was Minneapolis for supper.

An overnight stay in Seattle and a fine arrival in Hawaii on June 15.

Charlie and Carol (Shannon's folks) greeted us with warmth and kindness.

They prepared a wonderful meal for our first night.

Served in a beautiful location...

And let's not ignore the trip to the beach literally three blocks away! I know some of you are wondering what does Janet do for shoes? Quite the fashion on the beach!

Jan was the only one to rush into the ocean. The water was simply lovely, warm and so clear.

And that was day one of Oahu.

Location:Onekea Dr,Kailua,United States


  1. Looks like everyone is Giddy from gettin' outa' Dodge, Eh?

    Nice Legs there Girly....

    Jan with the Fishes. Love it.

    Great Post!


  2. I want to go swimming there!!! Looks like you are having a good time.


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