Thursday, July 01, 2010

Baby Bison,Walks and a View from the Inn

Today (Tuesday, June 29) was an unforgettable day. It started off with a large group walk. Because of various Yellowstone National Park rules and regulations, names and places and faces with be omitted. Maybe the walk was outside the park? We went past the eagle's nest in the early morning hours to meet up for the walk.

We still got stuck in traffic and were last to reach our meeting place. Everyone was ready and off we went for a group gazer adventure.

As we were being Geeks Out Stumbling About a bison appeared that was snorting and grunting. Finally it crossed the river.

We examined bones with marrow still intact...

...and various growing Flowers.

When the same bison recrossed the river and snorted and grunted at us we decided it was time to leave. We started back with the bison making really a lot of noises. Two people in the group noticed a white movement just ahead. A person went over to investigate and found a baby bison with just it's little head out of the warm mud.

Everyone was very careful of the area and the Mother became quiet and just watched as a group attempted a rescue.

The baby bison was so tired it just rested when success was near.

A final heave and Baby is free!

Mom just stood and watched. When the baby was lifted out a single bleat and snort and all is well in the world. Mum has mud from Junior ecstatically Rubbing against her.

We figured the baby was stuck in the mud for at least an hour. I sure hope the baby survives the trauma. Then another adventure of going to the top of the inn... help take down the Flag.

Of course, we stayed for an Old Faithful eruption.

Thanks David. What an unforgettable day!


  1. trista7:26 PM

    I am actually glad I WASN'T there to see the baby buffalo rescue. I wouldn't have been able to take it. I am flipping out just reading about it. What an experience.

  2. trista7:27 PM

    I only got to see the purple wildflowers in bloom once- the first time I was there over 4th of July. Thanks for the nice picture.

  3. Mary Beth12:27 PM

    Another perfect day with friends in WONDERLAND!

  4. What an incredible story! So glad someone noticed the little guy!

  5. This post is so great. I love the pictures of the bison and especially the eagle nest! I have seen osprey nests and am looking forward to seeing an eagle nest some day.

  6. Just popped over from Diana's blog...what a thrill that the baby was rescued, that must have filled every heart with JOY...its amazing sometimes animals dont realize the danger-- our dogs thought they could walk on lilly pads they looked so shocked when they fell into the water...


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