Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cape Cod

On July 24 we arrived at South Chatham for seven lovely days with our family.

This is the Thank-You note that Cordelia wrote on our last night.

This is the family cottage where Chris spent many summers with his Grandma.

This is the short walk to the little Ocean beach where we spent many hours.

We also went to the Open Ocean at Coast Guard Beach for some big wave action. Jan, Amy and Cordelia are facing the Open Atlantic.

Evenings were spent playing games and talking.

Amy delighted in finding sea critters for us.

Cordelia didn't get to take this conch shell home because it is someone's "house"!

Some of us biked, some of us walked along this trail near Provincetown at the National Seashore.

Katz took quite a liking to the yard and would take extended trips over to the tree in the back yard. She tried to stalk the local bunny rabbit, too.

Thanks to the Warren family for sharing their Cottage.

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