Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Amy

Leaving the South Hills on July 11, we traveled by way of Watkins Glen to Williamstown in time for Birthday cake.

The CCC built the paths in the Glen....Thousands of stone steps.

These are the Shoes which enable Jan's trek on these stone paths. Amy's chosen venue for B'Day Dinner was Elizabeth's in Pittsfield.

His Salad is Divine. On Sunday we enjoyed the Birthday Boston Creme Pie Chris had baked.

Amy's birthday present to herself was a day off with a trip to the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

Her particular interest was the Day Lilly patch.

Lew's particular interest was the Raised Bed Vegetable patch.

We may do this to our front yard at Mine 3. Everyone enjoyed the Frogs.

Happy Birthday, Amy.

Location:Williamstown, Ma

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