Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ship's Haven and Wolfe Point

Ships Haven is a cove about three miles South of the town of Alma, New Brunswick in Fundy National Park. In my view Fundy NP is to Canada what Yellowstone NP is to the USA: a Jewel of the Natural World.

 This is Ship's Haven
at High Tide.
Notice the Beach
at Right Center.

 Three hours later.
Wolfe Point is
upper Right.

    There is a lovely Path
    (mostly Boardwalk)
    down to the beach.

    The shoreline at
    Fundy National Park
    is mostly cliffs.
    To get down requires
    a lot of steps like these.

    Almost to the Sea
    but it keeps receding
    with the Tide.

     On the Beach
    from the first PIC.
    Well, not quite...
    At High Tide Jan would be
    in over her head.

    Nova Scotia is out there
    in the East.

    Finally to the Sea
    at Wolfe Point.
    At High Tide
    (in just 6 hours)
    Jan would be about
    32 feet
    under water.

     Geology at work.
    These Oscillation Ripple Marks
    are in mud.
    They will be many feet
    under the Sea at
    High Tide.
    These same patterns can be
    seen in sedimentary rock
    which was once ancient seabed.

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