Sunday, July 01, 2012

The June Figures are in....

Our goal is to let you know how much money we spent in some of our various envelopes. We put a certain amount into each envelope every month when we get our retirement money/Social Security check. The idea is to accumulate money in each envelope so that we will have the money in the envelope to purchase the items in that envelope.For instance, we don't include a car payment.  We will be building up that envelope so that we can hopefully pay cash for the next car.  Seeing that amount doesn't help other people decide if a permanent part-time camping arrangement is for you.  For more on envelope budgeting see out page under the tabs.

  • Admission/Fees            163.00  (Turnpike fees of 25.00, Darien Lake season tickets, and  Berkshire Botanical Gardens.
  • Auto Fuel                      348.66  (Trip to Vermont and gas to the bike path)
  • Auto Maintenance                 0  ( May had new tires and expensive oil change, the envelope is empty)
  • Campgrounds               225.00
  • Clothing                         226.00  (This included new shoes and cloths for me. I've lost 28 pounds!
  • Entertainment                  12.00  (New tire inter-tube, batteries)
  • Food                               719.00  (Includes additional food for a camping party)
  • Food/Restaurant             75.00
  • Internet/Cell Phone         40.00
  • Marco                             400.00  (New screen room, floor and related expenditures.)

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