Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Riverside Memories

This morning our goal was to see an eruption of Riverside Geyser, not a difficult thing as it is one of the most regular geysers in the Park (far more regular in it’s interval than Old Faithful). So we arranged for lunch at Riverside. On cue Riverside erupted out over the Firehole river.

I often remember my childhood experience with Riverside. There used to be a picnic table and a small parking lot across from Fan&Mortar Geysers where we would have lunch while waiting for a Riverside eruption. I have a memory of my Sis and I walking up the river and standing in the water below Riverside watching it  erupt into the river.

This PIC was taken from the
same side of the river as Riverside,
now forbidden territory.

This PIC was taken while
standing IN the river,
again, a forbidden
activity now.

"That’s entertainment!”
Geysergazing c. 1962.

My Bother having
a closeup view.
Notice the parking lot
across the river,
long since gone,
along with the road.

On Edit, this is one of my favorite Riverside PICs, taken Summer 2001 (while watching the Rock Pile):



  1. trista8:20 PM

    Did you know that Riverside is my favorite?

    1. No, I did not. Jan says she did. I’m especially glad I did this Post, then. I’ll put a couple more PICs in later.


  2. You should do a (tagged) series of Riverside in different weather and conditions. Those of us who have seen it illegitimately at night definitely wish there was a way of including a photograph of that experience.

    1. Where would I put this series? I’m going to put a couple more of the best ones in this Post.



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