Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fires and smoke

Way back in spring I discovered that Shakespeare in the Parks  would be in Chico Hot Springs, Montana on September 6, 2012.  I called Cynthia and asked her to get Mike to babysit so we could go!  We have had so much fun seeing these plays over the years!  Yesterday we pulled into their special area of Mammoth and visited with Cynthia, made peach cobbler, and saw the kids.

 We woke up this morning to the elk everywhere in the neighborhood

Then saw Megan and Alex off to school.
And Mike off to work.
And hugged goodbye to Cynthia after checking the weather one more time.  Nope, the smoke was moving in and we needed to move out.  Here is the smoke near the turnoff for Chico's.
So we traveled past Butte and got out of most of the smoke for tonight.  Nuts to fires and smoke that make it hard to breathe....tomorrow is another day.


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