Saturday, September 08, 2012

Internet and TV

Yes, it’s true that even RoVers (who have access to the various delights travel makes available) sometimes become bored and need a little diversion and/or entertainment. To that end we provide ourselves with both [cellular] Wireless Internet and [satellite] Dish TV. Here is how we do it.

We purchase cellular-based Wireless Broadband service from Millenicom, a reseller of Verizon service. With no contract obligation the cost is $69.95/month for 20Gigabytes of data. The hardware looks like this:

Novatel 4620 jetpack MiFi

About the size of a credit card, this little device connects to the Internet using the cellphone tower network and to our computers using it’s built-in WiFi. It even has a battery so it runs stand alone for about 4 hours. It is shown here with an external power supply connected (righthand wire) and an external antenna connected (lefthand wire).

 Standard USB car charger

This little gadget allows us to operate the MiFi on 12V power supplied by Marco’s system.

This Antenna mounted on Mr Marco provides a 9.3dbi gain (amplification of signal) for situations in which we are too far from a cell tower to otherwise “get connected”.

Cyfre 819 Amplifier

For those situations wherein we really need to “reach out” to a cell tower we have this Amplifier. In this PIC the antenna lead wire (extreme left) is connected directly to the MiFi and the Amplifier is bypassed. The 12V MiFi charger is at the top of the PIC.

Dish TV:
Later, folks. It’s time to go and ride the Route of the Olympian Hiawatha.


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