Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sloway meetup with Tim Thompson

We didn't really like the Campground St. Regis. It had clean bathrooms but we could hear I90 and only had 20 AMP service for nearly 30 dollars. So first thing Sunday Morning we drive to the campground that Tim Thompson had suggested as a meet=up...

It was lovely. And there was even an open campsite right on the Clark Forks River. We paid our five dollars, unloaded the bikes to "hold" our spot and went back to St. Regis (all of five miles away) to pack up and move the camp.

We spent part of the day moving and then just waited for Tim to appear.  It was rather smokey so we skyped with Amy and Nate for a bit. When Tim appeared it was just like always.  Laughter and more laughter as we share what our kids are doing now and old memories of Rick Hutchinson's boat.  Along with my foot, the burn and things we would change if we only had hindsight!

Tim brought wine, hotdogs and beans.  We had potato chips and beer.  A true Old Friends Yellowstone Feast!  Along a river that neither of us had ever camped beside.

Now for the REALLY fun part.  Look closely at the pictures.  Do you see the train tracks across the river?  We learned why NO ONE was at this wonderful site!  Whistles....many.....all night long.  Between that and the smoke, three people got very little sleep and a late start.

This campground will NEVER be used by us or Tim again!

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