Monday, October 15, 2012

Butterfield Station and Smith Springs Ranch

We woke up to watch the sun hit the mountains but it was cloudy!  All the more reason to get ready and be on the trail early.  The Butterfield Overland Mail and Stagecoach route summit was here at Guadalupe.  This was the first transcontinental communications system.
The Pinery Station ruins are easily accessible from the main road as well as the visitor's center.  Its a .3 mile trail from the VC.
After viewing the ruins we decided to go to a historical ranch location Called Frijole Ranch House.
From the spring there is an irrigation channel that is still running today.

We also went on a hike to another spring from this location.  Its the Smith Springs Trail.  Here are a few pictures of it.
It was a rough trail that seems much longer than the stated 2.3 mile loop.  It took us two hours to complete.
Now we are back in civilization and have the Internet.  Tonight we will see the bats leave the cave at Carlsbad and tomorrow visit the caves!

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