Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fort Wilderness

Today we left Blue Springs to take the laptop back to the genius to fix it.  Its a 37 mile trip through horrible traffic.  I tried to find us another state park to try but all the ReserveAmerica sites were full for the weekend.  Then I looked into private sites around Disneyworld and came up with the idea that an extra 15-20 dollars a night would get us a spot in Disney.  Sometimes you make the right decisions!

We pulled into Disneyworld and registered by 10:30 AM.  They gave us a site number and off we went.  We will be here around a month so we want a site we like.  Our site is in the inside of a circle, which puts us close to neighbors in each direction.  But its a premium site.  I didn't order a premium site!  We only want to pay for full hookups.  Back to the Front Desk.  Surprise Disney upgraded us for FREE and we can change sites to one that is on the outside of the circle and backs up against a little stream.  Nice!  Thanks Disney!

Next is the Apple Store.  We unhitch the trailer and have a bite of lunch.  Then off to the Apple Store.  The computer is now at the hospital getting a new display screen.  It was an 8 mile trip to  the store.  I had at least two panic attacks in the traffic and I wasn't driving!  The traffic is terrible.  When Lew drove between two trucks I had to shut my eyes and simply tell my heart to stop pounding!  They will call sometime in the next three-five days and we will have to drive it again.

Back at camp....we finish setting up at site 1410. Home, sweet, home.  We have to go to the grocery store tomorrow.  I suppose I will live through that trip since I lived through the trips today!



  1. I thought I already posted on here, but I guess not. Looks wonderful. Hope you got your computer fixed okay. How is being a snowbird working out for you? Don't you miss the snow?? just a little??


  2. Nope Computer is at the Apple Store. I love being able to bike instead of teaching. Shakespeare unit starting probably next week and I don't miss it a bit! Today I was too hot and I might go swimming tomorrow if the temperature is still so high.

  3. I really don't miss the snow. It surprises me how much I don't miss it. I thought I would. I'd rather bike.


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