Saturday, January 26, 2013

There and Back Again

Thursday Morning after a terrible night of coughing and fever, we decided to leave the Disneyworld.  It seemed a shame to spend all that money to sit in the trailer and cough.  I found a place near Crystal River (about two hours away) that listed very clean bathrooms and seemed to get rave reviews.  So we slowly packed and got going close to the 11 AM deadline.

We drove in a very round about way to Crystal River in order to check out some campgrounds with bike paths.  When we were about 20 miles from the campground we get a call from our best friends Donna and Jim.  Well here is Donna at site 534---were we are not!
Surprise!  Donna we left!  We tried to call Disney and get our spot back but instead we got on the reservation press 1 roller coaster.  We gave up and told them we couldn't get a spot.  We both spent the night actually sleeping (must have been the purchased cough syrup).  Friday morning we start calling at 7 AM...Finally around 10 AM we got a spot for one night.  We take it!  So back to the mouse we go!  We get in around 12:30, get checked in and the jacks dropped.  After cough stuff and Tylenol its off to Magic Kingdom to meet Donna and Jim!

 We did not plan both wearing a Mickey Shirt!
 Buzz Lightyears was lots of fun.

Everyone enjoyed visiting and the rides!

Lew and I quit at dark as it got cold and our drugs wore off.  It was great fun to have them here playing with us!

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