Saturday, February 16, 2013

Food and Sewing more...

I ate three meals today!  Little meals true....but I did eat them!  Slowly getting better.  I spent the morning cleaning!  Another sign I'm improving.  Those terrible dust bunnies upstairs under the beds as we lay coughing are now gone!  Then I rested by looking at embroidery designs.

I decided to embroider the white squares before tackling more strips for edging.  I bought some designs on sale at embroidery library.  You didn't think I meant I would embroider by hand like I used to do?  I can't see well enough today to do that fine handwork.

Here's the machine at work!  Work! Machine! Work!
 We have visitors!  Adam, Trista, V and C come and visit....its great to see them.  We have some angel food cake with whipped cream to celebrate two birthdays and seeing everyone again!   After they leave I go back to some sewing.  Its really hard to get all those corners to match when you are still not 100% well.  But here is the end of the day results.
I think this is going to be a neat curtain!


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