Saturday, March 23, 2013


I love a game called Magic, the gathering.  Lots of people learn it at college.  Its a fun game that involves all kinds of combinations of cards.  I learned how to play it when Adam went off to college.  He came home all excited about this game called Magic, so we all learned how to play it.

Then I taught it to my sister.  My sister taught it to my Mom.  Amy went off to college already knowing how to play magic.

One year my Mom gave magic cards for Christmas presents and we spent the day playing magic.  Its been lots of fun for me over the years.

When my sister died her magic cards came to me.  I have an entire rubbermaid container full of old magic cards in the basement but I play online a lot and those dead tree cards just sit there.

Today at the Pittsburgh Convention center was a magic event called the Grand Prix.  It draws people from all over the US.  There are pros playing in it.  I went to play in the side events rather than the big event.
Its a mostly guy event.  I also love that.  NEVER a line at the ladies restroom and frequently a line at the men's restroom.

I played in three events and spent 15 dollars.  I ended up with fifteen boosters.  Won enough to make for a happy day at the end of a very sad week.


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