Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas Projects Revealed!

This Christmas there were lots of projects!

Amy's Cushions
 It started at Amy's in the fall.  I was sitting upstairs with Nate, when I thought how nice it would be if the window seat had a covered cushion.  I thought, what a lovely Christmas Idea!  So when we returned from our fall travels I designed this seat.  We ordered up the cushion(s) (since Marco needed new couch cushions we ordered them at the same time and SAVED MONEY) and I started sewing.

They even fit when we snuck them to Vermont for Nate's Birthday Party.
The cushion for Amy and Chris got the pillows.

Violet's Wall Hanging
I was madly working on the window seat but anytime Violet was around she joined in the craft&sewing projects.  She was very busy working on this picture for her parents.  She cut out the pieces using the Accuquilt and cut out more pieces nearly every week.  She would change the picture around, decide on different colors (note the blue noses for the snowmen).  We finally sewed up the back Christmas Eve.

Cordelia's sewing projects (quilted!)
When Cordelia was here with Violet she worked on either presents for everyone (bead necklaces) or the quilted table runner for her Mom.  When we could sneak in some time without Violet she worked on the Smurf pillows we made for Adam and Violet.

More Baking
As we got to Christmas Eve, we still hadn't made the gingerbread house  but we managed to get that done too.  Violet made a Gingerbread Tree.

Rearranging the house
We had an entire schedule written for Christmas Day.  It started with lots of shopping.  On Christmas Eve we moved the house all around.  Lew's train had to go to the basement.
The tree moved from where it had sat on the train platform.  The dining room became the living room and the living room, the dining room.  Our chair went to the basement with the platform.  We borrowed some tables and chairs and on Christmas Day a feast was prepared.  Some of the food was good (ham and mashed potatoes) some not so great (stuffing and turkey) and some I didn't try (tofurkey) but was eaten up.

We even enlisted Jay and Kelli to make the gravy!

Colonial Days
Only two more projects to go.  This spring, Cordelia needs a Colonial Costume and since we wanted to be out West, we got it finished after Christmas. I don't have a picture of it.  I forgot to take one.

Marco's new cushions
Since we had to order a cushion for Amy's window seat, we decided to order cushions for Marco, which needed covered before we could leave.  Lew and I did that immediately after we moved the furniture back around.
We were all set to head south, but instead I'm starting medication for high blood pressure.  I wonder if maybe I attempted to do too much this year!



  1. trista9:19 AM

    I thought everything you made to eat was wonderful on Christmas, and C's tablerunner and V's wall hanging were my favorite gifts ever!

  2. Take care of yourself Janet. Kick back in the sun (if you can find any) and let Lew spoil you.

    1. I'm getting bored sitting around.....wish we were leaving today like we planned....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, so can Cordelia! She is a terrific worker when it comes to quilting.


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