Saturday, June 07, 2014

Black Hills Railroading.

Saturday June 7th.

An old branch of the Burlington has been turned into a tourist railroad between Hill City and Keystone. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes to ride one way and the highway parallels and criss-crosses the railroad the whole way. So we thought to do a little train chasing.

He put on quite a show what
with having the cylinder cocks

This is a 2-6-2 Tank engine,
used for switching where it
was never far from coal or water.

Four cars is about all that little engine
can handle on the steep grades
of this branch line.

Here he is on the return run
with the engine facing forward.

Beautiful Black Hills
The top speed for this train is about ten miles per hour.

We sure wish Nate could have been with us
for this train chasing session.


  1. Great photos! I love trains.

    1. This is a real easy train to chase as it runs about 10mph and the highway crosses the railroad multiple times.


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