Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Chamberlain, SD

June 4, 2014....It must be at least our 40th trip across the Missouri River at Chamberlain, SD.  We have never spent the night in this rather neat area.  It seems that most of the time we were in a rush to make it to the Badlands.  When we had two kids with us I wanted to stop and eat at the Pizza Hut.....but we usually did that for Father's Day and it just didn't work out for the timing.  So here we are.  Finally at a campground along the Missouri.  Its really pretty.  We went to Pizza Hut for lunch buffet.  Then to Al's Oasis for supper.

Before supper and after supper we went for a bike ride.  Its a closed path because of a section that is caving into the Missouri!  The locals all bike it anyway and so did we!  It was a cool nice day for biking along the Missouri. 


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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Glad you didn't end up in the river! Continue having fun! - Mike Nakich


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