Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bathroom and Kitchen Work

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When we moved in at Short St on Dec 15, 2001 the kitchen and bathroom floors were awful so we put down a layer of self-stick vinyl tile on top of the old floors. By now that was looking awful so we called Gordon who brought in his tile guy to lay ceramic tile. We showed him that the bathroom floor was soft around the toilet so he went to work. This was how it looked when he was done removing the deteriorated floor.

From the Kitchen
looking up

In the bathroom

In order to lay a new ¾” plywood floor the old leaded-joint cast iron toilet flange had to be removed. Ray bought an iron sawing sawmill blade and went to work. It took him a couple hours.

The old flange

The pipe cut to the correct elevation
for the new floor

Prepped for the new floor

New ¾” plywood subfloor
We primed it with Kilz
Ready for cement board

It’s so nice!
And it doesn’t bounce
when you walk.

The Kitchen floor was a breeze.

Gordon priced this job based on two days work and it took Ray and his helper four full days.

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