Friday, January 02, 2015

Jan’s Quilt Art

I want to get some PICs of Jan’s quilt art up so people can see them. Click twice on any PIC to enlarge it the maximum.
Her second effort
done last August.

Her depiction of
The Girl With the Pearl Earing

Devil’s Tower, Wy
This one came together
quickly for her.

Donna’s Dogs

This one took her a lot of time.
The photo from which she worked
was too busy.

She did three of these for
Carole, Dee and Shannon.

The trees and snowflakes were cut using a Cameo Silhouette cutting machine. The snowflakes and the two background trees are purchased patterns while the foreground trees she created herself.

 This is Donna's.  The Cameo Silhouette cut out all the pieces that she designed for the tree. 


  1. Just lovely. I can see a real progression in her work. Congrats and remember, she who dies with largest stash, wins!

    1. Hee. She uses a bookcase to store her stash. She folds the fabric onto comic book backboards and then onto the shelves. I’m going to have to assemble a second bookcase soon. :~)

    2. As it should be.

      Her work is lovely.

    3. I think she has found her Muse. She has certainly found her niche. She has a lot of fun with this.


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