Saturday, February 04, 2017


A new adventure. Lew and Jan and Buffy are gonna escape Winter for awhile and see if they can alllll the way to Palm Desert in Southern Cali.

Camp Shannon in Canonsburg, Pa.
Shannon graciously offered us a piece
of her driveway and an electric plug
for our sojourn in the Pittsburgh area.
Thanks, Shannon!

My Girls relaxing and watching
a chef-cookoff show.

Adam working on his signature dish.

Christmas morning!


Hot Springs National Park,
Hot Springs, Ar.

This is what happens to natural wonders
when businessmen decide
what should be
public policy issues.

Trump has appointed haters of the Natural World
to Interior, Agriculture and EPA.
This is the kind of World we can look forward to.

Fanciest Natonal Park CG
we’ve seen.

The utilities interface is
a direct copy of Ft Wilderness
(at Disney World).
Well done.

Rail Barons!

1 comment:

  1. Janet, are you saying Trump made that Spring Collection box?

    I'm pretty sure it was made long before he took office.


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