Monday, November 12, 2018


 (1) April 5 found us in the Woods discovering the Hemlock tree Mum&Dad had planted beside the house now laying across where the house had been:

Then we were off to Pittsburgh. Shannon had her Jimmy Nardello Peppers started:

A walk at South Park with V:

Eat N' Park!

Back to the Woods just in time to clear a plugged drain culvert:

And pick a Tick off of Lew:

(2) May 11 we were back in the Woods looking at some old stuff. This was the road into the Woods Mum&Dad built some 80 yr ago:

Remnant of the loading dock Fred&Dad built in 1957 to facilitate transporting cut stone from the Woods to Lower Burrell:

Stone from the foundation of my Great-Grandparents' house. The exact spot had been strip-mined but Dad had asked the stripper to push the foundation stones off into the woods:

Daffodils my Great-Grandma planted more than a hundred years ago:

Buffy's swimming-hole:

(3) Geyser-Gazer friends were flocking to Yellowstone because STEAMBOAT so off we went. That is the subject of another Post.

(4) After picking up Buffy at Lebo we zoomed to the Woods for a July 4 picnic:

Complete with a campfire&S'Mores:

(5) Next was Cape Cod:

(6) Back Home we resumed our routine ........ until the morning of Aug 9 when Lew began having that Deadly feeling in his hands. At Pownal Clinic they hooked him up and yes, he was having a heart attack so the Hurry-up-Wagon took him to Samaritan Hsp where Dr Papaleo installed a shiny new plain metal stent:

(7) I needed to take it easy for awhile so Lebo came to the Beautiful Berkshires:

(8) Oct 10 we zoomed for Lebo and the Woods:

(9) Nov 16 found Jan on a beach in Florida ....... She jumped on a plane and visited Jim for a few days:

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