Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 14

Ms. Dolphin bid a farewell to Alex and Cynthia and the Trek bike and started down the upper loop to make her way to Old Faithful. After various encounters with the standard parked in the middle of the road vehicles, Ms. Dolphin arrived at her home away from home. Celebration food was ordered at the Lower Store. Beehive’s indicator was seen while finishing and Jan had to decide what to do. Try to walk or spend time getting the bike’s wheel on. Walking was the choice and Beehive was wonderful.

After Beehive, the bikes got assembled and a Grand trip was next. MaryBeth was at Grand and so was Grand! It was Grand....but the camera misfired and Ms. Dolphin did not see a picture.

What a lovely day. It ended with an Adequate Fountain. Here is Ms. Dolphin waiting for the geyser.

Ms. Dolphin then traveled back to Old Faithful for supper with MaryBeth.

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