Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cody to Mammoth

July 12

Ms. Dolphin was very skeptical of carrying her people on another new road. But the humans convinced her that it would be ok. We were all so happy to see 7% grade for 6 miles. We all enjoyed this new road. It is the Chief Joseph Highway. Lots of switchbacks and lots of mountains and canyons. It had construction on it that wasn’t suppose to be there but we all liked the view and the wait wasn’t too long.

We arrived at Mammoth for a visit with Cynthia and Alex. She lives in the original Hanes photoshop. It is so neat…and Ms. Dolphin loved the backyard with elk. She so enjoyed Katz gnashing her teeth at the pocket gophers two feet from the front door.

The people took a walk with Alex to the terraces and viewed the active terrace.

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