Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15

Ms. Dolphin had a very early start. Coffee was made at Great Fountain which erupted at a very pleasant 8:05. A tour bus made its dieselly noise, I’m so glad my companions do not leave me running while watching geysers. Its a really smiling day at the Lower Store. My human, Jan went for a walk on geyser hill in her spring shoes and walked from Castle all the way around the hill and back to Castle. Her feet only hurt some. It must be the spring shoes and the wooden boardwalk. Everything had so much give it was a VERY SMILEY WALK. Lion was seen and Ms. Dolphin had her picture taken too.

Ms. Dolphin then took the humans up to the Lone Star trail. Alas, a walk was occurring and no parking could be found, but the Cascade Lot had parking so Jan changed to biking shoes and decided to go with Lew since her foot felt sooo much better then she expected. The people on the walk had to leave before the geyser had a major, but my companions stayed to see it and fed a number of mosquitoes, horseflies and deerflies while waiting. Ms. Dolphin needs to be supplied with more bug repellent.
After a fine lunch, it was on to West Yellowstone. The Holiday Inn has the best connection for using Wi-Fi. Ms. Dolphin is parked across the street from it. Then Ms. Dolphin will take her folks to Island Park for a sunset event on our own part of this wonderland.

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