Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16

Ms. Dolphin wanted to see something different….so we went off on an adventure to find Big Springs. It is a huge spring that produces 120 million gallons per day to form the Henrys Fork River which then joins the Snake River.

After viewing that spring, Ms. Dolphin drove to an Arts and Crafts show which was sponsored by the Island Park library. Really cool quilts and some cookies. Jan bought the cookies but not the quilts.

Ms. Dolphin spend the afternoon resting while the humans biked to the land and discussed where to place a house. Which view do you prefer? 1,2, or 3? Hmmm???

View One

View 2

View 3

Then the humans looked at maps and discovered that the Valley View Estate development connected onto a snowmobile trail that goes all the way to West Yellowstone! Jan wanted to bike it but it was way too steep.

Tomorrow, Ms. Dolphin will travel to the geyser basin….Giant is a very large geyser that does not erupt often, but this year it is active and it erupted 4 days ago so……maybe Ms. Dolphin will see the steam cloud from the Lower Store…wouldn’t that be fun for her?

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