Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 17

Early to rise so Ms. Dolphin decided to take her companions to Old Faithful so they could have breakfast with the geysers. Jan had rather disgusting “blueberry pancakes”. It was cold blueberry-like food product slime on top of buttermilk pancakes. Not a good start for the day. You guessed it Ms. Dolphin’s companions are suggesting that you avoid the Lower Store dining experience. Food is from Cisco, same as Zanterra, and the service is as dismal as always. The fill your souvenier cup bargain is still available.

Ms. Dolphin got to see the steam from Grand while her companions readied for their down basin bike ride. She also viewed Geyser Hill activity from Lion and Plume. Grotto was the item of discussion among the companions. Thomas biked to Grotto and talked to them about the odd behavior of Grotto Fountain and Grotto. How we wish for the days of hidden devices to download daily.

Then back to Island Park for discussions with a neighbor over how to get water onto our land. The price of a septic tank climbed from $1,000 last year (knew it was too low to believe) to $2,500– $4,000. And the water issue is worth an entire article on. On July 24, we will be going to the City of Island Park to find out whose water we are to tap into. Since wells in Idaho are community property, it is all very interesting and very different from Pa.

Tomorrow Ms. Dolphin will travel to Virgina City where cell phones and Internet do not work.

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