Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Virginia City

Ms. Dolphin asked if the road to Virginia City was steep and the humans looked at the map and figured it would be ok. So after a quick bike ride to the land, the adventurers started off down the road to Ennis. Then up the mountain to Virgina City. Not as steep a grade as Alt 14 more like Chief Joseph Highway.

Ms. Dolphin thinks its too hot to cook inside, so the humans went to a very favorite restaurant. Its called the Star Bakery at Nevada City. It is one of the original Nevada City buildings and it was an eatery. You can eat on a porch outside the original bakery. The food is very good. The chef is known for his fried pickles. The humans think it is a great place to go to keep Katz from getting too hot in Ms. Dolphin.

Katz and Ms. Dolphin liked looking at the old buildings. Nevada City Museum has many original well maintained buildings. Even with spring shoes, Jan could only visit a part so she decided to see several very special things. The musuem has some of the orginal muslim lined log cabin walls and seven buildings that are from Chinese workmen and their world. Those buildings and the original Virgina City schoolhouse were all that Jan visited today. Lew visited a few more including the assayer’s building.

It was over 95 degrees when Katz panted and Ms. Dolphin decided to go to a campground to turn on the air conditioning.

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