Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 19

Ms. Dolphin noticed that the tickets from Nevada City were good for two days! Wow! Jan’s foot could stand another visit to the City first thing in the morning. How neat…

Ms. Dolphin saw the old Canyon Dining Hall, part of the chimney from Old Faithful that was removed after the earthquake of 59 and many more interesting buildings including more schoolhouse!

Then Ms. Dolphin traveled more roads to Bozeman. This was because the new AllTel cell phone would not work as promised. The children could not call them, nor could the friends they were to meet….this was not the agreement with AllTel. The phone was supposed to work at Old Faithful and Island Park….Have we visited this scene before??? Hmmmm?? Remember the voice messages about Amy’s accident we never got? HMMM. The children do not believe that cell phones work…they are probably right.

Ms. Dolphin did not like the very hot parking lot where she spent four hours while Jan was at the AllTel store. The end result was another phone and plan and a promise that if it didn’t work, we would get a refund of some sort….NOTE if you need the cell phone number it has been changed again….email Jan if you want it.

Ms. Dolphin then found the KOA whose Internet was not working. But Ms. Dolphin was parked next to the Bozeman Hot Springs ……Jan finds the place fantastic……Seven pools of water each a different temperature. One was perfect for water aerobics so that was first…Then Jan spent an hour going from the 59 degree pool to the 106 degree pool. It relaxes the muscles sooo much…it is like a minor miracle. Even the foot didn’t hurt at then end of the hour. But all good things must end so back to Ms. Dolphin to find the Internet finally working!

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