Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 20

Babysitting and Breakdowns

July 20

Ms. Dolphin awoke July 20 to find the Internet at the KOA not working. Since research needed done, she went to the Bozeman Arby’s where the Internet was working. Ms. Dolphin was rather upset. It seems her 20 year old refrigerator wasn’t cooling in the middle of the day and food was maybe going bad….oh dear….what to do….

The companions decided on several things.

1. If they could purchase a refrig that would fit through the couch window, it would be purchased.

2. The Mac Mini had died earlier in the trip and the camera card needed emptied so a backup CD needed to be made. You guessed it…Jan’s CD burner quit. It will still read, but it won’t burn. So another laptop would be purchased at Walmart who gives you 15 days to return things without a restocking fee. Will Jan and Lew like the new style widescreen…Hmmm….15 days to decide…..

So off they went to find the RV place and measure a refrigerator. It was 100 degrees outside when they found out that it didn’t fit through the window by 1/16 of an inch. Doesn’t fit means doesn’t fit…How disappointed Ms. Dolphin was. What would happen to Cordelia’s nice milk when she arrived at Yellowstone? Too hot to discuss..time to get moving because we were meeting Cynthia at Chico’s Hot Springs for Shakespeare in the park! Wow!

Ms. Dolphin saw that many people from everywhere arrived to see Shakespeare’s play “Love’s Labor Lost”.

Several hundred gathered in the lawn of Chico’s to see the play. In the past, Ms. Dolphin saw the company show at West Yellowstone. Chico is closer to Mammoth (Mike and Cynthia’s new home) and it is a lovey setting with TREES for shade.

Chico’s also seems to serve a dinner and wine meal that we will investigate for next year.

After the play, Jan and Cynthia went to see the hot pool. It was as always great fun.

Then we went to Mike and Cynthia’s to spend two nights. We were babysitting Alex so they could go out the next night.

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