Monday, July 24, 2006

New Fridge, Yellow Shirts, Baby Sitting

July 23

Visiting the land wasn’t the main purpose of today. The two laptops needed to talk to each other to transfer pictures and burn a DVD.

Then the sewing machine needed to be put into service.

Ms. Dolphin was soo glad to be humming away with projects for the children and grandchild.

Just a very busy in the motorhome day including a meal of spaggetti! The clouds were out most of the day and it only reached 85 degrees. The new refrigerator works at least as well as the old one. 90 degrees will tell the difference.

July 22

Ms. Dolphin and Katz were not happy to be left behind while Lew went off to Bozeman for the refrigerator. She sat in the driveway and whined quite a while until she understood that the refrigerator would not fit unless she was in pieces, which would not work well in the parts parking lot.

A picture was not taken of the replacement of the refrigerator….Ms. Dolphin tried and tried to get the companions to take a picture but they were hot and Katz keep going out the flue hole and the window into coyote land. Sorry no pictures, just a new refrigerator and a still alive Katz.

Then back to Island Park, where campground reservations had been made. Since the campground does funny things like sell the spot to someone else, they needed to get there before it was too late.

July 21

Mr. Mike (now known as Number 1–—-think Star Trek) arrived after a hard day of work to find poor Ms. Dolphin in pieces in his yard. Her window was on his picnic table with screws and bolts everywhere! Luckily Mr. Mike understands Lew and simply agreed that Lew could use his truck to get whatever pieces poor Ms. Dolphin needed. You guessed it the refrigerator was WARM inside!

Number 1 and his wife were then chased away to have a evening out. Alex eventually understood that her Mom wasn’t going to appear before bedtime and Jan and Lew would just have to be the very poor second…..eventually sleep reined in the Keller Wonderland home.

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