Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 1

Ms. Dolphin is grumpy. Today Amy and Chris leave. So it is a Grey T-Shirt day. To cheer-up Ms. Dolphin , we went on two quick morning walks. Everyone went to the mudpots. Cordelia did not like the idea of mud up in the air. Then Ms. Dolphin got to wait patiently for her people while they climbed the cliff opposite Midway. Wow its high! Amy and Chris hung out at the lower store and Amy tried to wait out Beehive. They said good-bye and got in their car. OH NO, its the INDICATOR! Trista started yelling for Amy and Jan went running through the parking lot! STOP! STOP! DO THE BEEHIVE JOG! QUICK AMY! Will she make it? YES! LOVELY BEEHIVE says GOODBYE to Amy and Chris....He got to do his first beehive jog.

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