Friday, August 04, 2006

July 31

Its a rest day for Ms. Dolphin. She got into the handicapped space and all set up for two more nights at the cabins. Then someone called Beehive’s Indicator and the humans ran to the hill and saw a wonderful dual of Old Faithful and Beehive. Cordelia says that Beehive Geyser is her favorite. It is Amy’s also but she wasn’t there…..So Sad……She was hiking with Adam and Chris to Shoshoni Geyser Basin.

Everyone but Ms. Dolphin, Katz and Lew went somewhere. After Beehive, Jan, Trista and Cordelia went to lake for lunch and a walk. A lovely lake day for them including Bison

and a Big Moose right by the road in the trees. Silly moose should be in the marshes, guess she doesn’t know that!

Adam walked in to Ms. Dolphin just as we were sitting to eat supper. Amy and Chris went to the Inn for a meal. Then we all had a happy drink to end another great day in Wonderland.

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