Friday, August 04, 2006

July 30

It’s a yellow shirt day! Remember that day Ms. Dolphin missed Giant? Hmmmm….those shirts were what was done that day. Look at all the pictures doesn’t everyone look nice? Breakfast was at Grant Village Campground, where we learned Adam had missed Giant the night before…so sad. Ms. Dolphin didn’t understand the frustration since she has never seen Giant. Its the world’s largest erupting geyser at the moment. Here is a past picture of it.

We were to go to Canyon then to Old Faithful, but we decided to switch things around and go to Grand Geyser and then to Canyon.

Artist's Point is always a favorite to visit.

The hikes at Canyon were fun for everyone. Some of us did Uncle Toms Trail Hike and some took the Lower Falls Brink hike.

Uncle Tom’s Trail

Lower Falls Brink

Ms. Dolphin kept Cordelia happy while the various humans hiked.
Then to a cabin for the night. The handicap spot was taken by a rude person who did not need it. So Ms. Dolphin parked in front of the cabin. Someone complained and the Zanterra man came and tried to get Ms. Dolphin and Katz to move and park somewhere else! Oh no…find the person who should not be in the handicapped area, please….nothing was done except Ms. Dolphin did not get to sleep until very late waiting for someone to come and tell her to move….It was not a good evening for Ms. Dolphin, Katz and her humans.

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