Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 11

Ms. Dolphin does not want to leave her new driveway with its marvelous view. Ms. Katz enjoys a morning hiss at a visiting cat, but it is time to go. Ms. Dolphin wants to see if Grotto is still erupting and maybe see Giant!
Breakfast was along the Madison River watching the fanatical fisherman.
Then Great Fountain had a superburst across the road and water to the grass! Ms. Dolphin was sooooo glad she did not get wet.
Why all the bikes? Must be a Giant recovery time, hmmm?
Lazy Grotto and Giant watcher.
Giant hot period is over. Now it is time to say Good-bye and leave! Ms. Dolphin leaves her parking spot at the Lower Store! Good-bye! Geyser Hill! Good-bye to our Yellowstone friends!
The Tetons have smoke in the air.
Ms. Dolphin did not stop at Falls campground, the road was tooo distrucked from construction, with a pilot vehicle….Fire in the air also. Dubois badlands.
More fire at Fort Washakiee. Lots of equipment racing to that fire.
Lander has a nice newer campground with a great view. Ms. Dolphin wants to stay.

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