Monday, August 14, 2006

August 12

Ms. Dolphin arrived in the afternoon at Cheyenne, Wyoming. The home of her friend-Ms. Gulfstream! Ms. Dolphin so admires Ms. Gulfstreams shiny appearance. So Ms. Dolphin got to visit while her humans visited and had fun at Donna and Jim's house! First lets look at one of Donna’s flower beds. They have worked so hard to make a very nice home.

Donna and Jan have been friends since they were teenagers. Donna has many photo albums that she is redoing.

Jim and Ms. Dolphin watches the mountains and sky while Jan and Donna looked at old pictures.

Then Jan took pictures of some of the pictures! This one is a really nice picture of Jimmy, Adam and Amy playing at their house at Hubbard, Ohio.

Over the many years, we have visited each other and covered many places and homes. This is Lew and Jan's first home in the woods.

They loved the bookcases, around the window. It was made to fit only paperback books. A whole shelf was Nero Wolfe books. Another shelf was Heinlein's Sci Fi books. A librarian would remember these things. The metal furniture in these pictures is the same furniture that Wade has on his porch. Our lives were so different then, but still the same. Friendships last and so does metal furniture!

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