Monday, August 14, 2006

August 13

Ms. Dolphin senses something different! Jan is driving in Nebraska! Ms. Dolphin is soooo surprised! The cruise control in Ms. Dolphin does not work correctly, so Lew has to use the gas petal through the big winds of Nebraska. His foot got sore, so Ms. Dolphin had Jan drive for over an hour and everyone lived through the experience! You can teach a old dog new tricks! But which old dog needed taught? HMMMM….Lew, Jan or Ms. Dolphin….you decide.

The winds of Nebraska act as a sail but the sails are pointed the WRONG way. Ms. Dolphin valiantly pushes through the wind, but Nebraska takes all day. It is dark when she arrives at the Riverside Resort Campground in Blair, Nebraska. The manager opens the pool for Jan, who exercises in the dark, with the stars…then just floats and watches the stars from the pool.

Early the next morning, Ms. Dolphin gets to see the highway that the Lewis and Clark Discovery Corps used. The mighty Missouri runs through the campground (name is Riverside) and the Corps camped close to this location. The waters run fast, it would have been lots of work to go upstream for those many miles. Kinda like sailing with the sails in the wrong direction!

At Fort Washakie, two days ago, if the forest fire hadn’t been raging we could have visited Sacagawea’s grave. Tomorrow we will reach Jerri’s in Illinois. Ms. Dolphin hopes the wind is blowing in the right direction for that part of the trip.

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